About Us

Lithuanian Solar Energy Association (LSEA)

  • Lithuanian Solar Energy Association was established in March 2009.
  • Vision: An active partner of society, politicians and business in creating an appropriate and sustainable environment for solar energy development in Lithuania.
  • Mission
    We unite solar energy market players to inspire, encourage and help Lithuania to go solar. We are committed to helping Lithuania to promote solar energy as a clean, renewable source of energy that ensures energy independence and a secure
  • Values:
    • Atsakomybė – už saulės energetikos plėtrą Lietuvoje kovojame atsakingai, objektyviai, skaidriai,
    - Responsibility - we fight for the development of solar energy in Lithuania in a responsible, objective and transparent way, We deliver on our promises and commitments, and take the initiative. - Sustainability - we strive to leave the smallest possible CO2 footprint on the Earth in every possible way, we choose and offer only quality, long-lasting, sustainable, environmentally friendly, people-safe solutions. - Cooperation - we are open to a diversity of views and strive for constructive, synergistic synergistic and synergistic cooperation not only with public institutions and companies, but also with other sectors
  • Challenges:
    - To inspire and encourage the Lithuanian public to choose solar energy as a renewable energy source.
    - To work closely and constructively with the legislative authorities to achieve a sustainable and transparent To ensure transparent and transparent and transparent development of
    solar energy in Lithuania.
    - To achieve consistency, stability and clarity in business conditions,
    thus promoting the long term success of the Association members.


  • The Association has established a working group with EDO (Energy Distribution Operator), in which members of the Association are actively involved.
  • The Association actively cooperates with the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania in order to achieve favourable conditions for the solar energy sector.
  • The Association cooperates with the Photovoltaic Technology Cluster, which aims to consolidate Lithuanian companies and research institutions active in the photovoltaic sector in order to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of the national photovoltaic sector.

Internationalisation of the Lithuanian Solar Energy Association (LSEA)

"SolarPower Europe"

Lithuanian Solar Energy Association is a member of SolarPower Europe, whose Strategy Committee is responsible for positioning the solar energy sector on policy issues and maintaining dialogue with relevant stakeholders and partners from neighbouring sectors, experts and policy makers.

The organisation currently has a total of 40 national associations, including the Lithuanian Solar Energy Association. The associations work together to understand the development of each individual solar market, share best practices and coordinate national and European advocacy activities in the field of solar energy.

"SolarPower Europe" is currently led by its newly elected President, Aristotle Chantavas, and is based in Brussels, Belgium.

With over 200 members in 38 countries around the world, SolarPower Europe aims to ensure that by 2030, solar energy will generate more energy than any other energy source and will be at the heart of a smart, sustainable, secure and inclusive energy system that will help achieve Co2 neutrality by 2050.

Photovoltaic Technology Cluster

Lithuanian Solar Energy Association is a member of the Photovoltaic Technology Cluster.

The Photovoltaic Technology Cluster was established in 2008 and brings together industry and research and technological development institutions.

The aim of the cluster is to consolidate Lithuanian companies and research institutions operating in the photovoltaic technology sector in order to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of the national photovoltaic sector.