Energy Forum 2023

This year, on October 19th we will participate at the ENERGY FORUM for the eleventh time. Our annual conference ENERGY FORUM. TRADITIONAL AND RENEWABLE will be held in Vilnius and traditionally bring together energy sector professionals, decision makers and just smart users.
The war accelerated the energy transformation in the Baltic sea region and strengthened the determination to create a sustainable and secure energy future in which green energy plays a central role. As a result, this year’s ENERGY FORUM conference focused on the energy sector’s investment environment and its sustainability.
Since the beginning of the ENERGY FORUM in 2012, our team’s commitment to the energy sector has not diminished. In recent years, we have emphasized that reliability, sustainability, attention to energy security and environmental impact are issues of equal importance. This strategic industry requires the continuous involvement of all stakeholders and all citizens.
General public understanding of the energy sector is essential, including the understanding of the meaning of clean energy production. Each of us contributes to the well-being of our country. Therefore, as the pioneers of such an event on energy topic in the region, we also assume an educational role: we aim to help the communities to understand the importance of energy security, production, extraction and sustainable consumption of fossil fuel products as well as green energy.
Close cooperation between the public, business and politicians can help achieve the goals of the energy strategy. The search for new dialogue and solutions is ongoing throughout the Baltic region. Therefore, the transformation of the energy system itself is not limited to the highest-level negotiations in the ministries, it also extends to discussions at conferences, work with business partners and customers.
With all this in mind, we, the ENERGY FORUM team, promote cooperation and contribute to a decarbonized, sustainable and secure energy future in the entire Baltic region.
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